History Of Victory Bible Baptist Church

Victory Bible Baptist Church was founded April 9th 1983 with Ray Waters as the first pastor in a log cabin on Calloway Road in King NC.

The next pastor was Don McGee.  He served as pastor from 1984 to Dec 1986.

Tommy Holder was voted in as pastor in 1987.  It was during the summer of 1987 that the congregation of Victory moved from the log cabin on Calloway road to our current location at 6910 Martin Ferry Road in Tobaccoville NC.  Bro Holder served the Lord at Victory until December 1996.

Don Stanley served as pastor after Tommy Holder resigned until he himself resigned due to health problems in 1997.

Todd Griffin was voted in shortly after Don Stanley resigned and served as pastor until December 2000.

In February 2001 Chester Wall came to be the pastor and served at Victory in that capacity until January 29th 2012.  It was during his tenure at Victory that many cosmetic updates to the facility were completed and well as the parking lot being paved.

The Lord led Justin Duncan to Victory, and April 4th 2012 he was voted in with 100%, with 25 people in attendance, as pastor.

In February of 2017 John Pittman became Pastor of Victory Bible Baptist Church with 100% vote He is our current pastor